Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

The Non-Motorized Transportation Plan is a countywide document intended to guide efforts to improve bicycling and walking conditions at the local level across the Stanislaus region.

Children walk down paved walkwayProject Overview

The Stanislaus Council of Governments (StanCOG) Non-Motorized Transportation Plan sets goals, assesses existing conditions, and identifies opportunities to improve non-motorized travel options and increase access to public transportation in the Stanislaus Region. It Identifies priority bicycle and pedestrian facilities that enhance regional connectivity and existing barriers such as railways, freeways, and waterways. This Plan helps identify and align new walking and bicycling projects with local, state, and federal funding sources to help make Stanislaus communities more competitive for future funding!

Purpose of the Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

The Non-Motorized Transportation Plan aims to accomplish the following:

  • Reduce congestion and vehicle miles traveled to lower greenhouse gas emissions and improve regional air quality.
  • Enhance opportunities for walking, bicycling, and other forms of non-motorized transportation.
  • Increase access to public transportation.
  • Develop a non-motorized transportation network that focuses on equity and inclusivity to address the region's unique needs.
  • Make the Stanislaus region more competitive for statewide grant funding opportunities.

Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Documents